Clothing and Textile Designer Amanda Bond Codding grew up in New York and every year during the cold winter months, her family would go on seaside vacations to places like California, the Mediterranean, Mexico and Hawaii. It was on these vacations that she developed her passion for the ocean and everything beach. After studying Art History and Costume Design in college she moved to Hawaii to explore her dream of living the island life. She worked at an Antique Hawaiiana shop that sold vintage Hawaiian artifacts and clothing and fell in love with the Hawaiian dresses and prints from the 1920’s-1950’s. She has been collecting vintage clothes and fabrics since she was young and when working at the Antique shop she realized she wanted to reinvent the early 2oth century seaside style, but in a contemporary way with beautiful colorful prints. The decision was made… she moved to California where she attended fashion design school and has been in the fashion industry in Los Angeles for the last 15 yrs.

She has an impressive design history and background, and has worked for some of the top designers in L.A. including Richard Tyler, Jovovich-Hawk and Kelly Wearstler. Through her years of apprenticeship she has developed an impressive understanding of fabrics and their relationship to color, print and design as well as garment construction and fit. Her collection brings all of her extensive design history, her love of everything old and all her travels together, to create a rich and beautiful new line that exudes carefree seaside glamour. It’s a contemporary look at the splendors of the chic, charming and elegant women on their seaside retreats and celebrates feminine beauty.  Every garment is hand dyed, one by one, making each Amanda Bond piece a one of a kind true work of art.